What three Cs form a good project delivery partnership?

What three Cs form a good project delivery partnership?

Successfully delivering a corporate construction project requires strategic partnership between project managers, design and building teams, and clients. At the core of this arrangement are three Cs; collaboration, communication and consistency. 

Without these vital elements, projects would fall apart as the gaps between client demands and operational timeframes widen. Ultimately it lead to significant construction costs and wasted project hours. 



Most construction projects cannot be delivered without the input of a range of experts. From architects and designers to specialist construction workers, project management ties these individuals together and keeps lines of communication open regarding project progress and what’s needed from which party.

One crucial thing a project manager can do at the outset of a new build is to meet with all parties involved to discuss expectations for the project and one another. This starts with collaborating on a design and fit out plan. 

Every client will have a specific end-goal and budget in mind from the beginning. Some, however, may have considered key design elements further, so it’s important to assess engagement from the outset to avoid missing out on crucial information.

From there, project managers take this client information to the project team, gathering as much input as possible from design and construction experts as to the challenges of the project. Multiple perspectives are key to generating more accurate timeframes and cost estimations, as well as introducing better fit-for-purpose commercial project roll outs that meet clients’ strategic and budgetary goals. 


Keeping a project on track and to specification requires constant communication between construction teams and key stakeholders. Without the clients’ input on expectations, budget and timeframe, the project could grind to a halt. Lacking this same information from designers and builders, the fit out will move off track or miss the mark entirely. 

Communication is even more essential for vital issues such as risk identification. One of the roles of a project manager is ensuring individuals onsite operate within their professional responsibilities safely and report any potential health hazards to the relevant party. 

This transparent communication reduces the risk of disaster in a commercial roll out. Further to this safety role is the element of accountability. Clarity around everyone’s role in a project and honesty when someone has made a mistake are key elements in successful project delivery and more fruitful construction industry partnerships. 



Consistency is a core requirement when it comes to drafting a project plan and following through with it. Project managers need to identify vital goals, timeframes and costs and resource allocation must remain as accurate as possible across the project. 

Each of these factors should be measurable and have an individual assigned to ensuring it is completed. For example, the project estimator needs to be tasked with presenting an accurate cost analysis of the construction project design and building phase. Ideally this individual or another similarly skilled team member will remain in charge of this through to delivery. Too much change will ultimately lead to missed information.

Another requirement is ensuring each individual involved in the construction project is keeping to schedule and fulfilling their responsibilities. They should be informed of their deadlines, and everyone provided with the same updates and wider project information. Differences will lead to confusion between teams. 

The Group HiS team includes experts in planning and implementing fit outs for medical and commercial enterprises across Australia. Working with our network of strategic partners, we aim to deliver projects tailor-fit to the requirements of our clients, based on project collaboration, regular communication and goal consistency. It’s these elements that make us one of the most outstanding organisations in the industry.