How to Apply ‘The Art of Brand Storytelling’ into a Design and Fitout


How to Apply ‘The Art of Brand Storytelling’ into a Design and Fitout

At the beginning of March, one of our head designers, Miguel, attended the Retail Design Expo in London. The expo featured creative stands and stimulating presentations, which provided our designer with some new ideas to reinforce to the team.

The main focus point of the conference was how a brand can tell a story. In our case, this was useful to see how it could be applied in a design and fitout environment.


Miguel says, the process of storytelling can be explained through 4 key points:

  • Source
  • Voice
  • Intent
  • Format

From this experience we are able to offer additional design recommendations to focus on the 4 key elements from the initial brief or design intention to completion.

Beginning with the Source of the design originates from an idea which could include colour, theme or mood; that the client wants to portray through their new practice.

The Voice is how the message is replicated throughout the design, ensuring that it is consistent and clear.

The Intent is the concept of the message which can be represented through textures, shapes, colours or materials.

Concluding with Format and how the concept is translated in to a physical element which in our case is the client’s practice.

At the initial consultation with a client, our design team interprets the brief and replicates the concept or idea in to the design elements.


This can be shown through:

  • materials to create sensations
  • colours to enhance the perception of the space
  • lighting to assist to differentiate areas within the practice to either stimulate a mood or working environment
  • joinery by providing materials and colour to create unique pieces for the practice
  • furniture, by choosing the right piece you can provide comfort to work or relax
  • graphics to combine the whole concept by adding the final touch of the corporate image or brand.

How can your brand tell a story?